Saturday, November 6, 2010


Yes, finally. After what seems like an eternity of trying, there is officially a little rock star growing in my belly.

Check out the wee one at 9.5 weeks! Pretty freaking sweet! I got to see it's heartbeat, and once I saw it...I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. It was such a HUGE relief to know that everything was OK. I cried and cried and cried.

My next appointment wouldn't be until I was at 14 weeks, and it was yesterday...on my birthday. And on my birthday, I heard my little baby's heartbeat. It was the most amazing birthday present EVER.

So far, the baby has been pretty good to me, and I'm so thankful. No morning sickness. Maybe a little bit of queasiness for a little bit, but nothing major. I've lost my taste for pretty much all foods. NOTHING ever sounds good to me...except for bread and sweets. Sleeping has become a lot more difficult for me. I toss and turn a lot and my hips ache. But other than's been smooth sailing.

I'm ecstatic, excited, nervous, happy and relieved. :)