Monday, July 11, 2011

8 Weeks!

It is absolutely stunning how much babies grow and evolve in a matter of a month. Waylon is 12lbs 14oz and changing every day. The most wonderful things he's started to do are smiling real smiles and cooing.

Oh my...his smiles and coos are heart melting. I can sit and have little conversations with him and he answers me back with the most adorable little ooo's and ahh's. It is completely amazing. Waylon will smile and coo at "Mr. Frog," his favorite toy, and when I read him his favorite book, Baby Panda (a soft book in red, black and white with lots of shapes). Waylon has also started to try and reach for and touch things. He still doesn't have complete control of his arms and legs, but it sure is cute to watch him swat at things. And he's been trying to roll over but hasn't succeeded quite yet.

This past weekend was one of our favorite times of the year: Goodguys Car Show. Hot rods from all over the country swarm into Columbus for the biggest car show of the year. We were so excited to take Waylon! He sat with his Daddy and his Great Grandma and watched all the cool cars roll in, and he loved it! Check out Daddy and Waylon next to our 1954 Belair!

The only major struggle I've had up until this point is breastfeeding. I stopped nursing him after about 2-3 weeks and just pumped. That transition went well until my milk supply couldn't keep up with Waylon's demand. I started supplementing with formula and that helped. But milk supply is slowly but surely dwindling down to nothing. least I had a good 2 month run. Not being able to feed Waylon solely on breast milk made me feel like a failure. I know I'm not but I really wanted to go at least 6 months.

For any breastfeeding Moms out there, may I recommend the My Breast Friend breastfeeding pillow. Most people only know about the Boppy, but I think My Breast Friend is much better for breastfeeding. It's firmer. It wraps all the way around you and gives you much better support. The Boppy works, but feels a little more flimsy and doesn't give as much support. I love the Boppy for Waylon to lounge in and for his tummy time; we use it every day.

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