Friday, July 15, 2011

The Shape of a Mother

Right after I put up my last post, I happened to stumble across a post on a message board on Baby Center from a lady who was feeling just like me: depressed over her post baby body.

Look, NO ONE tells you about the aftermath of childbirth and pregnancy. Yes, we all know about stretch marks, but there's SO much more that happens to your body than that. So it was great to find this post and know that there were so many other new Moms who felt the exact same way as me.

One woman who commented listed a fantastic website: The Shape of a Mother. It's a site that celebrates the post baby body and lets women tell their own post baby body stories. Whether these women love their bodies or hate them, they all have the guts to share their stories, their emotions and their pictures. Yup, they post pics of their post baby bodies. Even before I had a baby I wouldn't have had the balls to post pics of my body on a website, let alone after I had a baby.

The site just helps you feel less alone and makes you realize that your body may never be the same, but hopefully you will grow to accept it.


  1. Wow, how exceptionally honest and brave of you to talk about this. I know from being in another place of aversion with the state of my body (being overweight) that you do have control to change your body to a place of acceptance and love again. It all just takes time and dedication. Even the changes that seem permanent when worked on in the appropriate way can show improvement. You are a beautiful lady and have a handsome little man to show for it. I have no doubt he will grow up with “hot mom” comments from his friends!

  2. Thanks, lady! I'm trying to stay focused, eat right and exercise. I lost another 3lbs since this post. :)

    Sure, you know you're going to gain weight when you're pregnant, but no one really talks about how pregnancy takes a toll on your body. No one talks about it because it's not pretty. I just wanted to put it out there for other ladies to know what may or may not happen to them and how they may or may not feel. I felt a lot better knowing that I wasn't the only one feeling miserable about themselves after having a baby. Not everyone is a super model and can return to their pre-baby bodies in just a couple of weeks. Most of us have to work at it.

  3. I gave up hope on my sz 5 stuff.... thats ok, P says Im hot. ;) Go on sexy mama!!!

    ~A xo

  4. Ha! I gave up on size 5 stuff YEARS ago! ;) And P is are hot!