Saturday, August 6, 2011

12 Weeks!

Going back to work was awful. Other Moms tell you how terrible it will be but it's as bad as they tell you times a million. The night before I returned to work, I sat with my little man in his room and rocked to him to sleep...while I cried my eyeballs out.

We are incredibly lucky to have a friend who watches kids in her home (and she happens to be engaged to one of Columbus' best guitar players to boot!), so I know Waylon is in really good hands. But it was still incredibly difficult to leave him with her that Monday morning. After I kissed him about a hundred times, I got in my car and cried on my way to work. Ugh. Needless to say, the day dragged, and all I really did was delete about 800 emails and stare at pictures of Waylon. When 5pm finally creeped around, I couldn't get to Waylon fast enough. And I was rewarded with the biggest, sweetest toothless smile ever. :)

Waylon has recently discovered his hands and feet. He will stare at his little fists so intently, like they're the most amazing things he's ever seen. And he's reaching for his feet and staring at them, too. His coordination is getting better by the day. He purposefully swats at things and usually hits his target. Today I noticed that when his bink falls out of his mouth, he actually tries to put it back in. He'll grab it and clumsily aim for his mouth...and miss. But damn it, he tries! :)

July was a big month for Waylon. To our great delight, Waylon's Grandpa Mark was finally able to make it to see him for the first time! Yippee!!!!! He was finally on a break from touring with Bob Seger and made it a point to come see the little guy. We had a great time visiting with him.

Waylon also got to see his bearded uncles in Blackberry Smoke again last month. We drove up early to hang out for a little bit. While we were on the bus, Waylon got a little impromptu, personal concert from Charlie. Simply amazing.


  1. Awww. Cute photos of your lil man here. Loving this new blog of yours. I didn't go to work until my lil one was 8 months old and started working wkends so my husband is with lil one when I'm at work (or asleep during day). Still it was horrible to go back. It will get easier, as I'm sure you've noticed but still - it's hard to be away from your precious baby.

  2. Hey lady, just got an email that your friends in Blackberry Smoke are going to be playing here in Biloxi at the Hard Rock. I KNEW that name sounded familiar!!